Kirk Meighoo – “Rowley displays the same old nasty behaviour”

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Kirk Meighoo – “Rowley displays the same old nasty behaviour”

“Keith Rowley displays the same old nasty behaviour even while on his alleged covid-19 sickbed.” This according to His crudeness knows no bounds. But this should not come as a surprise to anyone.”

Public Relations Officer of the United National Congress, Kirk Meighoo in a statement this afternoon said “even while the Express improperly condemns the Leader of Opposition and vulgarly associates her with cyberbullies and hate speech — for things she had NOT done – Keith Rowley was personally insulting me for actually wishing him well.”

Meighoo said “in quarantine, the Prime Minister derided my genuine and sincere wishes as a “sham”, and went further to call them the “fumbling insincere mumblings of the accented”.

“This is Rowley’s normal, repellent attitude. Given the Express’s supposed deep concern about well wishes, where was the Express’s condemnation of Keith Rowley when his political colleague and Leader, the late Prime Minister Patrick Manning, was struck with a severe stroke that eventually ended his life?”