Kidnap victim turns up dead

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Kidnap victim turns up dead

The murder toll now stands at 22 for the year thus far, following the discovery of the body of a 34-year-old man, who was kidnapped by armed men wearing clothing marked “police.

Teddy Sylvester was kidnapped on Monday in Maraval and was found at about 9 a.m. yesterday off Cadet Road in Petit Valley.
Residents of the area detected a stench and, upon investigating, they observed the body of a man in a bushy area some ten feet from the roadway.

Sylvester’s body was identified by relatives, and viewed by a district medical officer.

Police said the body bore wounds about it, but a post-mortem was ordered to confirm the cause of death.

When Sylvester was taken on Monday, he was in his garden, which is located near his home at Cameron Hill, Maraval around 1:30pm.
It was during that time a black X-Trail pulled up and four men, all dressed in black with ‘Police’ on the chest, exited the vehicle armed with guns.

The suspects the grabbed Sylvester and placed him in the SUV and drove off.