KHRSTVN: Creativity Finds It’s ’24/7′ Through Music

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KHRSTVN: Creativity Finds It’s ’24/7′ Through Music

The COVID-19 pandemic for so many has resulted in an abrupt change in daily routines and livelihoods all around the world, proving to be the most devastating challenge ever to face the music industry and the creative community as a whole.

However, one musician has been adamant about finding his way amid the global crisis, his name, KHRSTVN (Keron Ramsey) who is undoubtedly a genius at musical versatility in many genres of music, shares with us at IzzSo, his journey.

As to how his passion for music developed? Khrstvn’s was born into a musical family, who at 8 years old was groomed to sing and brought along by his parents and siblings, who traveled the country performing live music.

Native to south Trinidad his formal vocal training began at age 10, learning piano, building music, songwriting, which became an integral part of his life expression and development.

When asked how has the coronavirus pandemic affected his creative process as a musician, he said.

As to his thoughts about the shutting down of performance venues, its impact on our culture, and the financial impact on music?


While listening to Khrstvn’s music, you immediately realize how eclectic and musically gifted he is with songs like “Circle of Love” and his recent release of “247 X Stein“.

Khrstvn a husband and father admit that as much as he enjoys being on stage performing, his favourite part of being a musician is songwriting, “where I sit by myself and really put my mind to work. I don’t feel like I am bound or branded by anything when I am writing,” he said.

With the advent of digital, many musicians have introduced live-streamed concerts during COVID-19, Khrstvn shares his approach to how he’s made his music strive virtually.

As to what lessons would be learned for the musician after the pandemic is over and its lasting effects on society, Khrstvn states that “to make sure as a musician to always learn every single aspect of what it takes to put your craft together…”


Khrstvn encourages all music lovers to aid musicians by generic support, taking the time to reach out to their favourite artists to contribute financial donations towards their upcoming projects and music, challenging fans to put their money where their mouth is, he said.

To support and learn more about Khrstvn, log on, purchase, stream, and share his content on these various platforms, Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Click below to view Khrstvn performing [247 X Stein] Live at the Atmosphere Studio Trinidad: