Khan says government is negotiating refinery in good faith

Khan says government is negotiating refinery in good faith

Energy Minister Franklin Khan said the PNM government is not an irresponsible government.

And as such, they will not be bullied to sign the Petrotrin refinery sale agreement to Patriotic before the August 10 general election.

Speaking Tuesday night at a PNM meeting in La Brea, Khan said despite statements made in the media in recent days, government is negotiating in good faith and he sees no encumbrances to the deal.

He said there are a couple things to thrash out. But when the document goes to Cabinet for approval, it will be a very robust one seeking T&T’s best interest.

Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union General Secretary Ancel Roget recently questioned the negotiation process, as he felt it was being hindered and he demanded closure before the election.

But Khan said “We are not irresponsible” and assured that there are no obstructions.

Meanwhile, Khan delivered good news on this country’s energy sector.

He said the production forecast is looking better.
However, he said while the upstream side looks good, there are some challenges with the downstream sector affecting some Point Lisas plants.

T&T should have the template for an energy sector turnaround once the oil price picks up and the global situation starts to improve.