Keyshia Cole suffers health scare

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Keyshia Cole suffers health scare

Keyshia Cole suffered a health scare recently that sent her to the hospital and she shared the experience on social media.

Cole revealed in an Instagram Story that she visited the emergency room for chest pains, only to learn that she was experiencing severe anxiety.

“I’m so proud of getting a few hours sleep, literally have been getting None!” she wrote. “So not ok. SMH. And, have been having the worst anxiety attacks. When I can literally feel my heart hurting. Had to take my ass to the emergency room. They gave me damn medicine for anxiety [face palm emoji] I didn’t KNOW wtf was happening to me.”

Cole went on to note that she intends to manage her stressors by adding certain fruits to her diet. The songstress shared informative clips about the types of fruits that may reduce anxiety, such as cantaloupe and mango.

As reported by Essence, Cole suffered several traumatic losses last year, including her mother from a drug overdose, her adoptive father to COVID, and her beloved dog. In an interview with the publication, she explained how she’s been managing her grief.

“I’m a mother and I have two children. Coping? I don’t even know about that right now. Processes of loss—when you have children you just keep going,” she said. “I haven’t seen anybody or anything about the loss, a psychiatrist or anything like that. I’m just holding my kids tighter a little bit, you know? It definitely is difficult to juggle both, but it’s something that you just do–you just keep going. No stopping, no pause button for this.”