Kenyan students made to behead chicken as part of school curriculum

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Kenyan students made to behead chicken as part of school curriculum

A viral video clip showing two primary school children slaughtering a chicken in Kenya has caused both laughs and uproar over the country’s new curriculum, which has more of a focus on practical skills.

During the outdoor lesson for 11 year olds on how to kill and cook a chicken, one boy is seen holding down the fowl as another holds a knife to its neck.

Some curious classmates watch as the teacher, who is filming the episode with his mobile phone, congratulates the boy for cutting off the head.

The teacher then instructs another, who holding the body, to put it in a nearby pot of boiling water.

But as the child moves his hand, the headless chicken flaps its wings and escapes and the children are then seen chasing after it.

In rural Kenya, the sight of chickens being slaughtered is a common one but the video sparked an outcry on social media with many people concerned about the safety of the children.

Since they started primary school, they have been the guinea pigs for a new curriculum, and have experienced many different practical projects over the last few years – from making scarecrows to selling goods at markets.

Supporters of the new Curriculum say it better prepares them for life and to find jobs in the 21st Century.

But some parents are unhappy at the expense of the new curriculum as schools expect them to contribute material and money for items – like chickens – needed for the practicals.

Following the chicken practical – which was done by pupils nationwide – photos were shared on social media which appeared to show teachers eating chicken in a staffroom.

Teachers have also been criticized for not applying the curriculum within context.

Videos surfaced recently of students in a rural area of the country lying on the ground and moving their arms pretending to swim as they did not have access to a pool to learn how to swim.