Keke Palmer’s ex Darius Jackson ‘repents’ as he gets baptized following abuse allegations

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Keke Palmer’s ex Darius Jackson ‘repents’ as he gets baptized following abuse allegations

Keke Palmer‘s ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson has appealed to a higher authority several weeks after Palmer was granted a restraining order against him in the wake of abuse accusations.

On Thursday (December 14), the former college football player took to Instagram to announce that he had been “baptized.”

He shared a video montage of himself working out and posing, backed with audio of a religious revival. The caption made reference to his newfound status.

“Extremely blessed to have repent & be baptized in the name of our Lord Jesus,” Jackson wrote. “But the work doesn’t stop, there’s so much I have to do in order to be fulfilled. Saving myself was the 1st step.”

Elsewhere in the caption, Jackson seemed to allude to Palmer’s allegations: “There’s A LOT I can say but not allowed to say. And at this point, don’t even want to say.”

You can see the post below.

Keke Palmer was granted a restraining order against Jackson in November, following a petition to the court where she claimed that Jackson abused her several times over the course of their two-year relationship, and he would sometimes do it in front of their son, Leodis.

Palmer claims that the pair broke up for good in late October, but that the alleged incident that prompted the filing of the restraining order took place on November 5. Palmer claims Jackson trespassed into her home without her knowledge or consent and “threatened” her before “lunging for my neck, striking me, throwing me over the couch and stealing my phone.”

The Nope actor also went on to say that Jackson allegedly engaged in “many instances of physical violence” that included “destroying my personal property, including diaries and prescription eyeglasses, throwing my belongings into the street, throwing my car keys to prevent me from driving away, hitting [me] in front of our son, spewing profanities about me to our son, threatening to kill himself with a gun if I left him, harassment, and other physical and emotional abuse.”

Jackson has denied Palmer’s allegations, and has levied his own claims against Palmer’s mother Sharon, who he alleges told him to “watch out” and threatened to put “a bullet in [his] head.”

The actress and singer was granted temporary sole custody of Leodis.

Jackson responded by posting a now-deleted picture of himself with their son on X, formerly known as Twitter, along with the message: “I love you, son. See you soon.”