Karim says brace for faculty and staff cuts at UTT

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Karim says brace for faculty and staff cuts at UTT

“UTT is our national university and this Government is single-handedly destroying it.

This according to former tertiary education minister Fazal Karim, who slammed government following the report on Monday, that UTT would be closing four of eleven campuses.

Karim said “Since 2015, close to 500 employees of the university have lost their jobs and this latest consolidation at UTT will see more faculty and staff being placed on the breadline.”

He told GML that this, added to recent cuts in the Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses (GATE) programme and National Scholarships Programme, “amounts to the destruction of access to tertiary education by citizens and a dismantling of the higher education system.”

Karim stated that “This administration has regressed UTT to ground zero and has created a toxic atmosphere of fear, frustration and financial woes.”

He noted that two of the campuses being closed are historically known as Teacher Training Centres, and he described it as “a concerted attack on the education system by this administration” and said “the future of our children is under threat.”

Karim also wondered if Government’s ultimate plan is to close down UTT.