Kanye’s Donda Academy being sued for safety violations and feeding children sushi only

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Kanye’s Donda Academy being sued for safety violations and feeding children sushi only

Kanye West‘s Donda Academy has come under fire once again — and this time, it’s due to its alleged dietary restrictions.

TMZ has obtained a copy of a lawsuit filed by two Black women who are suing the “Through the Wire” rapper’s embattled school for allegedly firing them on the basis of their race.

The two women, whose names have not been released, have also claimed that they were fired because they reported education, safety, and health code violations to the authorities.

“The women say the only lunch option available for students is sushi, every single day, and students are not allowed to bring any outside food or drink, except for water,” TMZ claimed in its report.

The sushi snafu is just the first of many violations that the two women have alleged in their lawsuit. Others include Kanye West’s alleged refusal to allow classes to take place on the second floor “because he’s afraid of stairs” and that no one was allowed to wear jewelry simply because West didn’t like it.

It is also alleged that both children and teachers alike were not allowed to sit in chairs, thus forcing them to either use foam cushions, stools, or simply stand throughout class.

Additionally, it is claimed that students were forced to wear black from head to toe — with Nike and adidas brands of shoes strictly forbidden — that students were physically locked outside during the school day, and that students weren’t allowed to go outside until it was time to return home.

And though the exact amount of the lawsuit wasn’t made clear in the report, the two women are alleging that they were shorted up to $2,700 per check, per pay period.

This lawsuit is just the latest legal woe for the embattled rapper, producer, and entrepreneur.

On March 31, Kanye West was hit with a $275,000 breach of contract claim by a former Yeezy staffer. In the suit, Dora Szilagyi claims she was hired to be the Director of Product Innovation for the Yeezy brand in June 2021.

However, she alleges West wanted her to quit her job at adidas and work for him full-time — and that she was promised a severance payment of $275,000 if she was fired without cause after September 2021.

When she was fired in mid-December 2021, Szilagyi claims she never received the promised severance payment. “Dora says she doesn’t believe Kanye or his company ever intended to follow through on the severance package and only dangled it to lure her from adidas,” TMZ reports.