Kanye West defends “garbage bag” clothes

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Kanye West defends “garbage bag” clothes

Kanye West is defending the decision for his latest Yeezy line of clothes to be displayed in garbage bags in stores.

Described as a visual merchandising strategy, instead of displaying the latest Yeezy x Gap collection on traditional hangers and t-shirt plinths, the clothes appear in giant trash bags dotted around the shop floor.

In a viral post now liked by more than 57,000 people, a New York-based Twitter user said customers are being made to just dig through the giant garbage bag to find their size.

However, Kanye has https://visitlcvalley.com/ since said that people hate on him because they cannot understand his marketing decisions.

Describing himself as an innovator, Ye noted that the latest line has always maintained a connection with highlighting the plight of the millions of homeless persons across America.