Kamla says PM’s “SSA tale” in parliament a distraction

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Kamla says PM’s “SSA tale” in parliament a distraction

Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar has called the recent revelations on the SSA, which were made by the Prime Minister in parliament, as a ‘dead-cat’ tactic.

In a release on Friday evening, she explained the dead-cat tactic as one used by a politician, where he or she deliberately makes a shocking announcement to divert media attention away from problems or failures in other areas of society.

In a bombshell presenation on July 3, PM Dr Keith Rowley said that the SSA was compromised with the establishment of a militarised operational unit and was infiltrated by a religious “cult” that wanted to replace the “country’s political leadership”.
He also claimed this cult had been stockpiling weapons to affect a coup and replace his Government.

Persad-Bissessar said: “Fascinatingly, no members of the “cult” referenced by him have been criminally charged for plotting the alleged coup to date.

She said: “It is also noteworthy that Rowley’s allegations were made under parliamentary privilege to prevent any legal action from being taken for defamation, much like the Emailgate lies.”

“This story sounds remarkably familiar: a religious group stockpiling ammunition to overthrow the elected government. Did they plan to do it later this July as well? On July 27th? Did he get this information via email?”

She added: “Rowley and his public relations team are not just spinning a distraction. They are orchestrating a diversion to turn attention away from critical issues such as corruption accused Jindal, crime, property taxes, forex shortages, joblessness, increasing utility rates, high food prices, poverty, and other negative issues plaguing the country.”

According to Persad-Bissessar, Rowley is drowning in self-made failure and hopelessness.

“He has no idea how to run the country and is now making a fool of himself by attempting to orchestrate another Emailgate.”

“Rowley must stop embarrassing himself and making the Prime Minister’s office a laughingstock. He should instead spend his time working to improve the lives of our citizens.”