Kamla: Rowley administration ignoring crisis in energy sector

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Kamla: Rowley administration ignoring crisis in energy sector

Opposition leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar said the Keith Rowley led government continues to act as though Trinidad and Tobago’s vital energy sector is in good shape, instead of the crisis state it is currently in.

In a release, she said “the Opposition highlighted the devastating state of our oil and gas industry under this PNM regime, during a motion of No Confidence in Minister of Energy and Energy Industries moved by Point-a-Pierre MP David Lee. True to form, the Government refused to accept reality and tried to skirt around the serious issues affecting the sector.”

She said “Despite Opposition members pointing out the numerous disasters, the Energy Minister has presided over, Franklin Khan has refused to acknowledge them. These include:
– Failing to boost oil production resulting in the lowest levels of output since the 1940s.
– Failing to explain what expert recommendations were used to justify the closure of Petrotrin.
– Failing to explain why the bid to purchase the refinery, critical to the economy, was initially accepted and then rejected.
– Failing to address the crisis unfolding at Pt. Lisas where more than half of petrochemical companies have either shut operations permanently or been mothballed. Pt Lisas generates more than a quarter of T&T FOREX revenues.
– Failing to craft concrete proposals to counteract our current shortage of Natural Gas.

Persad-Bissessar said “These are but a few of Minister Khan’s failings. The primary function of any minister of energy in any economy in any country is to ensure two things: Energy Security and Energy Independence. All of these areas are now under threat thanks to this incompetent Government.”

She said it’s also clear that the Government has lost confidence in Minister Khan’s ability and competence to deal with energy matters.
“If the government is serious about getting Trinidad and Tobago out of the economic crisis they have landed us in, they need to get our energy sector working again. Minister Khan needs to be replaced now.”