Kamla: PM yet to tell taxpayers how much of their monies used to procure vaccines

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Kamla: PM yet to tell taxpayers how much of their monies used to procure vaccines

Opposition leader, Kamla Persad-Bissessar had some words for the Prime Minister, following his media briefing on Saturday.

In a release to media, she stated:

In an incredible display of hubris, Keith Rowley appeared before the population to complain that he has been the biggest victim of this devastating pandemic.

Rowley made absolutely no acknowledgement of the thousands of people who lost their livelihoods in his brainless lockdown. After months of failing to procure vaccines as our CARICOM neighbours did, Rowley wants us to praise him for finally accessing supplies.

Rowley appears to have forgotten that getting vaccines was his job, not a gift he has given to our citizens. He has yet to tell taxpayers how much of their monies have been used to procure these vaccines. Furthermore, he has yet to say how the new vaccine rollout will be executed – hopefully, we don’t have a repeat of the botched rollouts we have seen so far.
Rowley’s behaviour and mindset are that of a self-absorbed dictator – not a public servant. This is a man who has lost touch with reality.

It is unacceptable that Rowley speaks about hope when the crisis of the last few months was solely caused by the mismanagement of vaccine procurement.

Now, thanks to his failure, thousands of businesses are unable to reopen, thousands of people have been left without food for months and will be without a job when we do finally reopen fully.

Add to that, the many thousands who have been promised the salary relief grants are yet to receive any.

It is doubly tragic that the one person who deserves to lose his job over his malfeasance and incompetence – Keith Rowley -continues to ignore the plight of the thousands of our citizens who are now on the breadline.