Kamla: PM can’t continue putting a public relations plaster on crime problem

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Kamla: PM can’t continue putting a public relations plaster on crime problem

Opposition leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar says the Prime Minister cannot continue putting a public relations plaster on a crime problem that requires holistic plans with measurable objectives.

In a statement last evening, she said the use of selective fake outrage for public relations will not lessen the violent crime crisis.

She is now urging PM Dr Keith Rowley to put aside his fears, reconsider his refusal to attend the crime talks, and include all willing stakeholders to increase the expertise available to the Government.

“Accepting help in the anti-crime fight should not be viewed as a weakness; humility and cooperativeness are signs of confidence and strength. No citizen in our country wants to see a continuation of the violent crime crisis,” said Persad-Bissessar.

She added: “Citizens are under siege; nowhere is safe. They are murdered and robbed in broad daylight; they are prisoners in their homes; they are preyed upon and terrorized by violent criminals. The prime minister today indicated that the “wanton disregard for human life in Trinidad and Tobago has NOW gone beyond concerning to the ridiculous.”

“In the view of many citizens, the crime crisis in Trinidad and Tobago has been ridiculous for the past eight years.”

Persad-Bissessar said the PM refuses to meet with and accept help from all stakeholders to battle the crime crisis.

“Many experts, individuals, and entities who are willing to meet at the crime talks and work with the Government are being shunned and excluded for no sensible reason. In the face of his refusal to meet willing stakeholders and outright rejection of their help, insult is added to injury as the incompetent Fitzgerald Hinds remains at the head of National Security.”

“I remind the nation that this public relations social media post is the usual pattern of the Rowley-led Government. There is no focus on the root causes of crime and the underlying socio-economic problems that drive this issue. As Prime Minister, my Government successfully tackled crime. Trinidad and Tobago was safer, with the lowest serious crimes recorded in years. We have holistic plans, some of which we shared publicly and more to be shared in the future.”