Kamla: Latest measures a “knock-out punch” for most businesses

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Kamla: Latest measures a “knock-out punch” for most businesses

Opposition leader, Kamla Persad-Bissessar said the recent decision to reinstate lockdown measures is incoherent and symptomatic of the clueless and ineffectual Rowley-led government.

She said “These latest measures will be a “knock out” punch for hundreds of businesses already struggling due to the failure of this government to ensure proper economic stability and stimulus from the first lockdown.

“After thousands lost their jobs and income because of the government’s mishandling of the crisis, more job losses are likely as many businesses will be forced to either cut staff or shut their doors completely.
What is most troubling is that the Government has imposed this current lockdown in a completely ad hoc manner. What data is the Government using to guide these lockdown measures?” she said.

Persad-Bissessar asked “How is it that boats at the Buccoo Reef can continue to ply their trade but are not allowed to play music? Is the Government suggesting that Covid 19 is now spread by sound waves?

She added “Lockdown measures have little impact on PNM ministers and their friends who continue to engage in arm wrestling limes, golf tournaments in Tobago and throwing elaborate weddings in St. Clair. That is perhaps why the PNM has little regard for how lockdown measures have impacted the public.”

The UNC leader said “It is totally unsettling that the Government has enacted measures without reciprocating any support towards the workers who will certainly be affected by these new regulations. During the last lockdown we saw the Government splurge as it was pre-election, today with no election, they couldn’t care less about the workers of this nation who are struggling.”

She noted “From the onset of the Covid19 pandemic, the Opposition recognized the need to balance lives and livelihoods. But the PNM seems intent on destroying both the lives and livelihoods of ordinary citizens.”

“The PNM’s laissez-faire attitude to dealing with the acquisition of vaccines highlights their lack of care or concern for the people of this country.
The PNM’s much-touted “roadmap to recovery”, like all of Keith Rowley’s plans, has fallen to the wayside. This PNM government is simply using the Covid-19 pandemic to mask their own failings as well as maintain autocratic control of the country. ”

She said “Sadly, the PNM’s only focus during this crisis is to continue to raid the Heritage and Stabilization Fund while the country falls into ruin.”