Kamla calls on Rowley to formulate a plan for bringing relief to citizens

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Kamla calls on Rowley to formulate a plan for bringing relief to citizens

Opposition Leader, Kamla Persad-Bissessar is calling on the Prime Minister to stop ignoring the dire economic situation facing a vast number of our citizens and to immediately formulate a plan for bringing relief to citizens.

Following the PM’s media briefing yesterday, Persad-Bissessar issued a release, stating that for yet another week, Dr Keith Rowley has failed to acknowledge the reality of what people are facing in this country as a result of the continued lockdown.

She said thousands have lost their jobs, homes, savings and overall livelihoods.

She added “Across the world, we have seen that governments have taken proactive approaches aimed at “building back better” and not just leaving the future to chance. Initiatives aimed at supporting small businesses and families were rolled out in those countries, while here in T&T there has been little in the way of relief.”

“Recently we learnt of the dire situation regarding our foreign direct investment levels which only adds to the prevailing situation. It is clear that urgent intervention is required, along with innovative thinking and political will to make some tough decisions.”

Persad-Bissessar reminded that last week she proposed the UNC’s five economic booster shots aimed at kickstarting the stagnant economy that continues to suffer under the PNM and now Covid-19. These plans included: Reducing the tax burden, Jumpstarting Food Security, Restarting a reformed oil refinery, Investing in renewable energy and the Creation of three new funds to mobilize financial resources.

She said “As Rowley and the PNM continue to focus on enriching their friends, families and financiers, citizens continue to suffer the realities on the ground. They have, as usual, no plan for the economic fallout effects from the pandemic as citizens are still waiting for their promised salary relief grants.