Kamla asks “Who is that secret shipment of Pfizer vaccines for?”

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Kamla asks “Who is that secret shipment of Pfizer vaccines for?”

“I want to know who that secret shipment of Pfizer vaccines is for? Is it for the Friends and Family of Rowley?”

Those were among the questions posed by Opposition leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar, while she addressed the UNC’s virtual meeting on Monday night.

She said “Every day we continue to see media releases with vital information missing…Up to yesterday (Sunday), National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds rushed to put out a media release announcing that the country received Pfizer vaccines from the US. It didn’t say how many, nor did it give an explanation or any details about its intended use. Why the secrecy?”

She said “It was only when the mark buss on social media from Custom officers that the Ministry of National Security put out a release.

Persad-Bissessar said from the beginning, this government has been hiding information.

She added “Rowley didn’t say a word about that in his press conference. In fact he said he didn’t know when we would be getting vaccines from the US.

But, she noted that within days, we heard about these vaccines.

The UNC leader is now asking “Who are they for? Are we going to have vaccine apartheid? Is it that some will get Pfizer and the rest have to take Sinopharm and Astrazeneca? What is the secrecy about?”

According to Persad-Bissessar, “This is Rowley’s Vaccine Apartheid – one vaccine for the poor – another vaccine for the rich.”

“Now we have to wonder if Client Arjoon was right about secret vaccines shipments.”