Justice Volney: I will vote PNM, the safe choice

Justice Volney: I will vote PNM, the safe choice

Former Justice Minister and MP for St. Joseph under the United National Congress (UNC) Justice Herbert Volney has thrown his support behind the PNM.

This is not the first time that Volney has admitted he will support the People’s National Movement (PNM) Government, but with elections now only a few days away, Volney gave reasons for his decision.

In a post shared to his Facebook page on Wednesday, he said that the current government, led by the PNM, is open, transparent, and straightforward with the public’s monies.

See his post below in full:

“It is always said that you can’t beat the PNM on Election Day. That is because the PNM Election Day machinery is fine-tuned to bring out the vote.”

“When I participated in the process in 2010, the political situation in Trinidad in the last week of the campaign was decidedly different.”

“The misbehavior in public office by elements in the Patrick Manning government had not only become rambunctious if not intolerable but the presence of one Calder Hart made it a national imperative to change the government.”

“This had given birth to a mass movement coalesced against the government and comprising all elements opposed to it. I was chosen to take the fight of the emerging People’s Partnership under the aegis of the UNC in the constituency of St Joseph. I won.”

“Fast forward to 2020. The People’s Partnership is no more. There is no coalescence of interests opposed to the Rowley Government; no cause of corruption or misconduct against anyone in or of the Rowley government, and no mass movement for change.”

“The People’s National Movement has understandably underperformed given fiscal constraints and an empty Treasury it inherited from the last government.”

“It is, however, a government that is open, transparent, and straightforward with the public’s monies.”

“The United National Congress had done well with high oil prices and was not turned out of office for performance while in it. It was turned out for governance issues, reckless decisions, destruction of the people’s movement that put it in office, and perceived and unanswered allegations of corruption.”

“In this election, the UNC has not prosecuted a case for change of government other than a basis that it can do better. That is no reason to change government in the midst of a terrible pandemic that has come ashore a second time as nationals are increasingly allowed to return home.”

“The desperation campaign of the UNC drives fear into those of us who vote issues foremost of which is handling the coronavirus pandemic.”

“Why are they so desperate for power; where did they get all this money to support this well-financed campaign; who is behind it, and who are these persons that they are offering us to govern over us.”

“We know what we have in the PNM and we know how much we can trust in them. With the UNC we know we can’t trust the former Prime Minister and her former Minister of Housing much as we like them as affable persons.”

“But there’s no one else we know and to put government in the hands of persons we don’t trust, and persons of unknown credentials is what is called chancing our future.”

“Many will vote for the inept we know than chance it with the unknown peddling 50,000 new jobs, signaling intent to take our savings from NIB and Unit Trust, and offering snake oil as an elixir for Covid and all our national ailments. I will vote PNM the safe choice.”