Judge reserves decision in Imbert’s defamation suit against Jwala Rambarran

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Judge reserves decision in Imbert’s defamation suit against Jwala Rambarran

A decision has yet to be made in the Finance Minister’s defamation lawsuit against former Central Bank governor Jwala Rambarran.

Minister Colm Imbert will have to wait a while longer as High Court Judge Kevin Ramcharan reserved his decision in the case after presiding over a virtual hearing on Monday.

Justice Ramcharan also did not set a date to deliver his judgment as such would be dependent on attorneys for Imbert and Rambarran agreeing a time line for filing written submissions.

Imbert’s lawsuit contends that Rambarran tarnished his reputation in a blog posted on his personal website on June 9, 2019.

While the contents of the post cannot be repeated as they may eventually be found to be defamatory, it included accusations that Imbert stymied Rambarran’s job prospects after he was terminated from his role in the Central Bank in December 2015.

In his evidence, Rambarran maintained that his post was a synopsis of a judgment delivered by Justice Frank Seepersad in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit over Imbert’s refusal to disclose his communications with an official of international economic institution G24, who was trying to recruit him.

He claimed that he used the blogs to share his personal views on the economy and other issues.

Rambarran also claimed he was not aware that the post was republished in a newspaper.

Martineau pointed to the official correspondence sent by the G24 official to Rambarran withdrawing its employment offer as he noted that it stated that the decision was taken due to delays in completing the recruitment process.

Rambarran admitted that the letter did not refer to Imbert, but he claimed that the delay was due to him (Imbert) taking almost four months to give his views on the appointment.