Joe Biden Wins in the Republican Bastion of Michigan

Joe Biden Wins in the Republican Bastion of Michigan

The U.S. presidential elections is heating up and becoming more vigorous by every hour, as votes are still being counted.

However, according to preliminary results, Joe Biden has received a good 2.6 million more votes nationwide than incumbent Donald Trump – This absolute number (called Popular Vote) of the votes is not decisive for the race for the White House determined by the majorities of the individual states.

Surveys done by the AP news agency and other media, until Wednesday afternoon, at least 68.9 million votes on Biden and 66.3 million on Trump. The counting of votes continued.

The head of the statistics portal “FiveThirtyEight”, Nate Silver, expressed on Twitter the expectation that Biden will surpass the previous maximum number of absolute votes in a US presidential election. Barack Obama achieved this highest figure to date in his first election in 2008 with around 69.5 million votes.

According to AP surveys, the Turnout is likely to be significantly higher than four years ago. At that time, 139 million citizens took part in the election. Significantly higher voter turnouts were reported from Florida, North Carolina, Georgia and Texas, among others.

Additionally, Arizona has gone in Joe Biden’s favour as Arizona has long been a Republican bastion. Donald Trump won the state by just under 4 percentage points in the 2016 election. At that time, he received just under 100,000 votes more than Hillary Clinton.

Arizona has only voted democratically twice before after World War II, and only once in the last 70 years. That was when Bill Clinton secured his second term in 1996. Before that, Harry Truman won in 1948.

When 82 percent of the votes are reported, Biden stands with a support of 51.8 percent, according to the overview of The New York Times. Trump currently stands at 46.8 percent.

In Arizona, Democrat Mark Kelly has also won a seat in the Senate over Republican Martha McSally. Kelly is married to Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who was shot in the head during an election rally in 2011.