Joe Biden Edges Closer to Projected U.S. Electoral Victory

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Joe Biden Edges Closer to Projected U.S. Electoral Victory

Democratic candidate Joe Biden entered the US elections with high hopes and as the votes continue to be counted, Biden, who has 264 electoral votes, seems to have multiple paths to victory.

As anticipated, the record-breaking early voting and mail-in voting in the history of the United States as a result of pandemic, they changed the tonic and gave a 180 turn to the result. The projections of the main local chains began to report state after state, one more key than the other, in favour of the former vice president, until he reached the figure of 264 delegates for the Electoral College. That is, six to achieve victory.

“Now, after a long night of counting, it is clear that (we will win) enough states to (achieve) the 270 electoral votes necessary to win the presidency,” he said. Biden in statement to the media.

He avoided declaring himself the winner, but ratified that once the electoral process is over, he hopes to have won Trump, who continued until the closing of this edition with 214 electoral votes.

There are four key states in polls (North Carolina, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania). Biden only needs to beat one, which may be Nevada, where he is in the lead. In the other three, Trump appears better profiled.

Nevada, next to PennsylvaniaIt is one of the states where the authorities had announced that the final result would be known this Thursday.

Meanwhile, Trump insisted on his complaint of electoral fraud and from his campaign team they contested the elections in the states of Wisconsin and Michigan, in which according to the media Biden won, and want to suspend the scrutiny in Pennsylvania.

For the analyst Tatiana Benavides Santos, this shift has an explanation: republicans They tend to vote more on Election Day and in person, while Democrats tend to vote by mail and early.

“When we began to see the data of the count, of the face-to-face vote, logically these data began to favor Trump in an important way, but as the night progressed, we saw that gradually those percentages began to vary and gradually favor Biden, when entering vote-by-mail counts, which generally benefit the Democrats”, He expressed.

For the expert there is a “permanent narrative” manifested by Trump throughout the campaign, “trying to delegitimize, above all, the modality of voting by mail.”

In that sense, it was the first statement of the North American president in the early hours of Wednesday, from the very White House and backed by the entire Trump family.

“It is a fraud on the American people, an embarrassment to the country. Frankly, we won this election. Now we are going to ensure the integrity (of the process) for the good of this nation. It is a very important moment. It is a very big fraud, “said Trump.

He announced that they will go to the Supreme Court and throughout the day posted messages on Twitter in that direction, of an alleged fraud. Each tweet carried a tag from the social network to inform that it is misleading and unofficial information.

Various specialists have confirmed that, for the moment, there are no anomalies after a singular electoral day.

“The electoral system in the United States has its weaknesses, but it has worked for many years and the important thing is to believe in the institutional framework to resolve in the fairest and most transparent way, to put aside all this narrative”, emphasized Benavides Santos.

Democrats and Republicans prepared Wednesday to fight a court battle and determine the winner.

Preceding. In 2000, the elections between the Republican George Bush and Democrat Al Gore depended on the state of Florida.