Jeuel Green-Thompson is building an empire that includes bridal wear and realty

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Jeuel Green-Thompson is building an empire that includes bridal wear and realty

Jeuel Green-Thompson is a woman of many hats.

Throughout her journey from youth to adulthood, she has been a professional dancer, model, beauty queen, writer to name just but a few and now… she is an entrepreneur and mother.

Green-Thompson’s passion and drive for success has taken her all over the globe and izzso recently chatted with this hardworking beauty who is now the owner of not one, but two very different businesses, J Autumns Bridal and Athena Springs Realty.


A current resident of North-West Trinidad, Green-Thompson revealed to us that as a young woman from humble upbringings her dreams were always bigger than herself.

She said she chased the Hollywood dream for a very long time and eventually had her full share.

Presently, Green-Thompson said “I have my focus on laying a foundation for my family…my daughter more so.”

With a background in hospitality/information technology /wedding events & real estate Green-Thompson decided in 2016 that it was time to change focus.

She said she realised that brides-to-be were seeking budget friendly gowns and she decided that she could be that person to cater to their needs and J Autumns Bridal was born – providing quality dresses that you did not have to over-spend on.

So where did the name J Autumns come from?
Green-Thompson said the J is from her first name Jeuel and Autumn is her middle name.
Simple right!?

“Getting it off the ground wasn’t challenging at all” said Green-Thompson.

For this we have no doubt, as Green-Thompson is personable and striking.

However, she noted “All brides-to-be have their unique taste and trends are eye-catching for some, yet some are quite modest. I am BIG on Energy and my approach always is to connect with my client. Sometimes I can get a sense of their style just by their personalities. It’s so much fun! I love making my clients happy!”

She said “Due to Covid-19 I’ve had to tap into a hassle free service via online.”
This is no issue, since she has built a reputation for excellent service and the clients keep coming.

Green-Thompson said what she has noticed is that Trini brides-to-be desire more extravagant designs and customization.
This may not always work for every bride, and Green-Thompson said she is not afraid to hide her opinion for the sale. “I’ve had to keep it 100 with clients when dresses did not suit their body type/s.”

As mentioned earlier, J Autumns is not Green-Thompson’s only revenue stream.

In the height of the pandemic, she took the brave and bold move to launch Athena Springs Realty.

According to Green-Thompson said real estate had been on her bucket list for some time and “Athena Springs Realty came about during this Pandemic as I believe in building future empires.”

One driving force behind this empire is her one-year old daughter, whose name just happens to be Athena.

Green-Thompson said “This is her business not mine.”
“I see her being at the top of whatever career path she chooses while her Real Estate business builds beside her. lol!”

Now it does not stop there for Green-Thompson.
On top of owning two brands of her own, she is also a founder and marketing executive for the computer outlet Spex Plus, where she said she enjoys the rare end of Marketing and bringing new business.

But, at the end of the day, it is all about Athena.

Green-Thompson said she has done a lot in her life and with all her endeavours, she is just continuing to try to be the best version of herself possible.

She is also thankful to the support from her close friends, family, and her SPL and ASR team.

She said “We are all in this fire together, is either you choose to rise out of it like a Phoenix or remain a victim and wither like ashes… It’s your choice! Find that inner creativity… There is strength in survival.”

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