Jenny’s owner feels picked on after police barge in

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Jenny’s owner feels picked on after police barge in

Jennifer Dan-Sharma, owner of the popular restaurant Jenny’s on the Boulevard, believes she is being picked on and is calling for Covid-19 health regulations for businesses to be clearly detailed.

This after she said she was left “embarrassed” and “humiliated” when eight to 12 heavily armed police officers visited her establishment on Cipriani Boulevard, Port-of-Spain on Friday, warning about the closing time.

In a GML interview, Sharma said the officers entered the restaurant around 10.15 pm and warned her about the need for customers to leave the restaurant by 10.30 pm.

She said on another occasion, approximately five officers strolled through the establishment with their large guns and even questioned her customers on whether they were having alcoholic beverages or not.

She wrote on her Facebook page that “It was intimidating, disrespectful and embarrassing to say the least.”

Sharma told the media house that the procedure at Jenny’s is for a bell to be rung at 9:30pm signaling the impending closing time at 10pm.

She said her restaurant follows all the Covid-19 related regulations regarding their business operations.
Sharma queried “Is this how we must be treated as business people? Especially when we are doing honest, proper and lawful things. Is this the law that officers can just walk through while families are having dinner with children? While even following protocols?”

She also said that it seems as if other businesses in the area that break COVID-19 regulations are ignored by the police, yet the police pick on her while she is strictly following regulations.