Jeff Bezos 500 Million dollar Super Yacht

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Jeff Bezos 500 Million dollar Super Yacht

News that Jeff Bezos has bought a “superyacht” has revived interest in the secretive world of the uber-rich globetrotters who enjoy these ultimate status symbols. Experts say the superyacht industry has been booming for years, even during the global economic slowdown caused by the pandemic.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and the world’s richest man, has seen his personal wealth roughly double since 2017, helped by his wallet ballooning last year as more people than ever turned to online shopping.

The 417ft (127m) vessel is being built in the Netherlands by Oceanco, according to a new biography of Bezos by Bloomberg News.
It is estimated to cost about $500m (£350m), a drop in the ocean for the world’s richest man, whose wealth at one point jumped $13bn in a single day in 2020. His estimated net worth now stands at nearly $200bn.
That price tag does not include a smaller motorised “support yacht” that Bezos also plans to buy. The smaller yacht features a helicopter landing pad – Bezos’ girlfriend, TV host Lauren Sanchez, is a trained helicopter pilot.
The main yacht is unable to support its own helipad due to the three sailing masts on its deck.
The smaller yacht is also expected to be loaded with other goodies, such as cars, luxury speedboats, and probably even a submarine, experts say.

The highly secretive superyacht project, known as Y721, is due to be completed sometime next month, according to Bloomberg. It’s likely that Bezos’ order was placed several years ago, since custom-made ships like this can take around five years to build.
Oceanco, the Dutch yacht maker, has not commented on the project. They previously built the 350ft Black Pearl, the second largest sailing yacht in the world.