Jay Z explains why he does not like to be filmed

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Jay Z explains why he does not like to be filmed

As prominent as Jay-Z has become in the music world and pop culture, the artiste makes it a point to stay out of the way of paparazzi and media in general. Jay’s penchant for waving off cameras when they are pointing at him and his family has been high, and now the rapper has candidly spoken about why he doesn’t rock with cameras.

While speaking to Elliott Wilson for TIDAL, Jiggaman spoke about staying away from flicks, saying, “Yeah, we don’t come from that school. We come from the don’t-you-ever-record-us school.” The rapper then quoted his own lyrics, saying, “‘See me in s**t you never saw / If it wasn’t for these pictures you wouldn’t see me at all.‘”

Jay-Z then explained more about his era: “We come from that school, and we had fights over that. N***as trying to record — ‘Aye yo, don’t record me, champ. I ain’t into that.’ We come from a different world.” Hov continued to say the lack of recording is “why ‘The Black Album’ was so special,” before saying, “It was the first time cameras came into the studios and just lived with us.