Japan PM Tells UN Tokyo is Determined to Host Olympics Next Year


Japan PM Tells UN Tokyo is Determined to Host Olympics Next Year

Japan is “determined” to host the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, despite the pandemic that caused them to be postponed this year, new Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said on Friday at the General Assembly of Nations United.

“The summer of next year, Japan is determined to host the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, as proof of humanity’s victory over the coronavirus pandemic,” Yoshihide Suga said in a pre-video message. checked in. “I will continue to spare no effort to welcome you to the Games” which will be organized “in complete safety”, he added.

Yoshihide Suga last week became the new Prime Minister of Japan, replacing Shinzo Abe who resigned for health reasons. His speech at the major annual meeting of the United Nations, virtual this year due to the pandemic, marks his first steps on the international scene.

The organizers of the Tokyo Olympics and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have been more confident in recent weeks about the likelihood of organizing this global sporting event next year, with or without a vaccine available by then. But big doubts remain about their feasibility in the face of the current persistence of the COVID-19 disease in the world.

In addition, Olympic fervor has waned considerably in Japan: less than a third of Japanese would be in favour of holding them in 2021, according to polls carried out this summer. The organizers of the Olympics and the IOC recently began to discuss a long series of potential countermeasures in the face of the coronavirus.

For example, Olympic athletes could commit to limiting their travel during the competition, and spectator gauges could be restricted. The unprecedented postponement of the Olympics also resulted in a huge logistical headache and additional expenses. The organizers are also studying cost-saving measures, for example by planning to reduce the sails of the opening and closing ceremonies, usually sumptuous.