Jamie Foxx reportedly targeted in $40K scam

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Jamie Foxx reportedly targeted in $40K scam

Jamie Foxx has reportedly been the target of an alleged $40,000 scam while filming upcoming Netflix film Back In Action.

The upcoming action comedy flick sees Foxx star alongside Cameron Diaz, and is expected to be released in early 2024. However, an alleged scheme to steal nearly $40,000 from the “Blame It” singer might have caused production to halt things.

According to The Sun, Foxx allegedly fired several production staff — including an executive producer, two directors and his own driver — in connection with the reported theft. An insider speaking to the newspaper claimed the film has been nothing short of a “nightmare” and “there have been a lot of delays” with “an investigation into everything going on.”

They also noted that Foxx was allegedly offered a Rolex watch as part of the deal. In response to the recent incident, Netflix bosses have reportedly reached out to authorities after learning of similar attempts at swindling actors out of cash.

The insider claimed Foxx has caused issues on set over the incident, and apparently had a “major meltdown” because of it. “People will be glad when this thing finally wraps,” the source added.

They continued: “Some people working on it are totally fed up with how this has played out and Jamie has become pretty unpopular.”

As of yet, Foxx has not released a public statement regarding the alleged theft.

In other Jamie Foxx news, the actor recently took the opportunity to promote his youngest daughter’s skills on the bass, while also revealing a new talent of his own. This past January, Foxx shared a video of a jam session he had with his 13-year-old daughter, Annalise Bishop, via Instagram.

The clip saw Foxx accompanying his daughter on drums, while she played the familiar baseline to Chic’s classic 1979 disco song “Good Times,” which was famously sampled for the Sugar Hill Gang’s own classic, “Rapper’s Delight.”

After filming Bishop for a few moments, the unseen camera person turns back to Foxx, at which point he motions for them to put the attention back on his kid.

“#daddydaughtertime music vibes with my daughter in London Town!,” he captioned the post. “We bout to hit the road together!!! Daddy daughter tour!!! Ya Hurd!! #anelisefoxx”