Jamaica’s Sex Work Increases Amid Pandemic


Jamaica’s Sex Work Increases Amid Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has apparently expanded the instances of commercial value-based sex work between more seasoned men and underage teenage young ladies in Jamaica, another investigation says.

‘The Stress Test: The Impact of the Pandemic on Domestic and Community Violence,’ produced by the Caribbean Policy Research Institute (CAPRI), with the support of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and the Violence Prevention Alliance (VPA), was led in 47 of the least fortunate and most vicious networks in Jamaica.

Concurring lead scientist, Jenny Jones, who as of late shared the discoveries, said youthful teen young ladies, somewhere in the range of 12 and 15 years of age are being offered to more established men for cash by their stepfathers and young men.


Jones said that because of loss of normal pay, numerous people have looked for elective kinds of revenue, and with this came a perceptible expansion in acknowledgment of conditional sex plans.

“The widespread acceptance of transactional sex between older men and younger girls. These are underage girls we are talking about – 12, 13, 14, 15 years old. Some not even out of grade six in primary school,” Jones disclosed. “Once there is (a) so-called consent agreement, (which) in some cases this consent may be more from the family, many in the community see nothing wrong with this.”

The report states: “Sexual abuse of underage girls from 12 years up by older men, in a situation of transactional sex, is openly accepted in communities. It is a source of income and families often turn a blind eye. While in the first stages of the lockdown this type of sexual abuse might have reduced since persons were staying indoors most of the time, by the post-Emancipation independence period it was not only back to normal but had almost certainly increased.”

Additionally, Jenny Jones said that the more seasoned men consider this to be helping helpless families and there is no idea that the youthful teenager isn’t just legitimately not fit for assent, yet additionally is being enthusiastic and mentally harmed.

In offering subtleties from a meeting to a man from a semi-rustic local area in the Corporate Area, she illustrated the real factors of conditional sex as seen through his eyes.

“This is what one man from a semi-rural community in Kingston (the Corporate Area) reported: ‘Professional man, big man, some man weh yuh wouldn’t even tink in a dem tings yah, a have sex with underage children in the community. Is a big problem in this community’,” Jones shared.

To manage the circumstance and others featured in the examination, CAPRI is suggesting that the Jamaican Government gives essential preparation to the public area clinical workforce and the police to distinguish non-verbal indications of maltreatment of ladies and kids. The organization is additionally calling for more friendly laborers to be utilized to help more networks.