Jamaica’s PM Committed to Combatting Students Loss of Learning

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Jamaica’s PM Committed to Combatting Students Loss of Learning

The global lockdown of education institutions has caused a major (and likely unequal) interruption in students’ learning; disruptions in internal assessments; a recent report showed that most students in Jamaica have not been occupied with face-to-face learning for the majority of 2020.

Jamaica’s Prime Minister, Andrew Holness said on account of the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous students are not learning at the level, speed, and stage at which they ought to be.  PM Holness enrolled his anxiety for Jamaica’s grade six students who will change secondary school come September. He said he is concerned that these students, specifically, will be a long way behind.

“Whatever we have to do to catch up on what you [students] have lost and to ensure that you have the foundation skills to advance to higher learning, the Government is committed to ensuring that this is done,” he said.

His responsibility came after a declaration by Minister of Education, Fayval Williams that the public authority would give additional exercise classes when there is a resumption of typical activities in schools.

“Extra lessons have been a feature of the Jamaican educational landscape for a very long time and with good reason, parents recognize that their children need way more hours of teaching time to keep up or get ahead.

“Given the cost of extra lessons, only parents with means can afford extra lessons. Yet, children from economically disadvantaged homes need extra lessons more,” Williams said.

“Of significance is that this programme will be available to parents who want to learn more so they can help their children or they may want to complete the high school they never finished,” said Williams. Even though the details are currently being fleshed out.

Additionally, PM Holness has stressed that nowadays, without internet access many students wouldn’t be able to progress through school and that the Government pledges to foster another structure for broadband internet access across Jamaica to guarantee that each family has access.