Jack is back; the ex-FIFA executive will make a return in 2020


Jack is back; the ex-FIFA executive will make a return in 2020

Jack Warner will make a return to politics in 2020 but it may not be via the political party that he formed in 2013, the ILP (Independent Liberal Party).

The 76-year-old politician and ex-Vice President of FIFA said that the citizens in the country has lost hope, adding that he is disappointed with the governance of the PNM and UNC. He said that during his return he would not stay mum about certain issues. He added that the time has come for a new shift in local politics, and that he intends to tap into the market of those citizens who choose not to vote.

Warner served as Minister of Works and Transport Minister from May 2010-June 2011 and Minister of National Security from June 2012-April 2013 during the People’s Partnership coalition government. In July 2013, he lost the bid to appear on the UNC’s ticket as the representative for the Chaguanas West seat in a by-election. He subsequently formed the ILP and won the seat under the party’s banner.

Warner has not confirmed in what capacity he intends to return, but he will be a competitive presence in the 2020 elections.