Iwer’s Soca Prison debuts today

Iwer’s Soca Prison debuts today

Iwer is thrown into Soca Prison for pushing Soca during the Lenten season. Three (3) University Graduates looking for someone to sign to their new label, decided to sign Iwer as their first Soca Artiste, they agreed to pay him 1 million to perform.

But everything is not the way it seems. Now Iwer’s got their 1 million dollars and on the run. Now the Soca Swat are looking for him. How would this end?

Tune in on April 2 as Neil Iwer George’s debut film Soca Prison will be streamed to fans all over the world.

Streaming link: https://caribbeancyberstream.com/blog/iwer-george-soca-prison available for US$5.99