Iwer to pay over $100,000 owed to Carenage man


Iwer to pay over $100,000 owed to Carenage man

Justice James Aboud ruled in the Port-of-Spain High Court yesterday, that soca star Neil “Iwer” George pay over $100,000 to a Carenage man.

The money was granted to Calvin LaVende for cleaning the tanks on George’s boat, Coral Vision, and renting a pirogue in 2012 for six months. The sum also covered fees owed to LaVende for the purchase of an outbound marine engine, parts and materials.

LaVende, who worked as a Janitor on Coral Vision, took the “Water Lord” to court seven years ago after George reneged on a verbal agreement. The payment was broken down as follows:

  • $54,000 for renting the pirogue for a six-month period at $300 per day
  • $23,000 for repairs to the damaged pirogue
  • $20,000 for cleaning four tanks on the Coral Vision
  • $5,000 for the balance owed on the engine

During the trial, LaVende said he only received $2,000 for an engine he delivered to the Coral Vision. He said George also used his pirogue to transport food and drinks. LaVende said after he sent George an invoice for his services, he was never paid.

George argued that the engine LaVende delivered could not work, and that he had to buy another engine from someone else. He also denied renting the pirogue.

George said he is no longer the owner of the boat since he has sold it.