Italy’s Coronavirus Daily Deaths Has Decreased

Italy’s Coronavirus Daily Deaths Has Decreased

Italy, which recorded its first coronavirus-related death in late February, is the most bereaved country in the world due to this pandemic.
The progression of the coronavirus in Italy continued its timid slowdown on Sunday, for the third consecutive day, according to the latest official report, which reports a total number of 10,779 deaths for 97,689 cases.The number of new positive cases (+5.217) is down 5.6% over 24 hours. The drop was -6.9% on Saturday, -7.4% on Friday.

Another positive sign: the number of people hospitalized with symptoms increased only slightly (+710 for a total of 27,386), as did the number of patients in intensive care (+50 for a total of 3,906). The same is true in Lombardy (north), the most affected region of the country, where the number of people in intensive care has increased to 1,328 (+9).

The government, for its part, continues to prepare the population for an extension of the containment measures, while the Italians are prohibited from leaving unless there are compelling reasons (work or health), and all non-essential economic activities are stopped until to April 3rd.

“The measures that expire on April 3rd will inevitably be extended,” said Sunday Minister for Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia. “I think talking about reopening today would be inappropriate and irresponsible. We all want to get back to normal but we will turn on the switches one after the other. “