Israeli Scientists Kill Cancer Cells with Breakthrough Treatment

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Israeli Scientists Kill Cancer Cells with Breakthrough Treatment

Following the successful experiment in mice, it is reported that human trials will begin in two years.

A team of Israeli scientists reported in an article, published this Tuesday in the journal Science Advances, that they succeeded in destroying cancer cells with a high-precision method, which targets only the infected parts of the body, thus comparing it with the use of a ‘microscopic scissors’.

They conducted an experiment on hundreds of mice infected with two more serious versions of cancer: glioblastoma and ovarian cancer. They developed and injected three components: a nanoparticle made of lipids, a messenger RNA that works like ‘tiny scissors’ to cut DNA, and a navigation system that detects cancer cells.

The treatment proved its efficiency. The survival rate of the animals that received this treatment increased by 30%, compared to the control group.

“There are no side effects and we believe that a cancer cell treated in this way will never become active again,” said Dan Peer, the author of the method and an expert from Tel Aviv University in an interview with The Times of Israel. The scientist defined this technology as “a more elegant chemotherapy” and said that he dreams of it replacing the procedure, which can have a disastrous impact on health.

Peer reported that human testing will begin in two years. He noted that the treatment will be highly personalized for each patient: depending on their biopsy, it will be given in the form of a general injection or an injection directly into the tumor. “The technology needs to be developed further, but the main thing is that we have found that this can kill cancer cells,” he emphasized.