Investigation launched into attack during PNM rally in Penal

Investigation launched into attack during PNM rally in Penal

“Anderson, Anderson ah fraid…stop.”

These words were uttered by someone who was attacked by a supporter during a PNM (People’s National Movement) rally along Suchit Trace, Debe on Saturday.

In an 11-second video that was shared over 2000 times on Facebook, a person wearing a PNM T-shirt appeared to be attacking a group of boys in a car.

While it is not evident why the man began to attack the boys, a source said that when the vehicle tried to pass through the motorcade one of the boys yelled, “We voting back Kamla.”

The source said that the man became upset and began to hit one of the boys in the car with a stick while shouting, “Is war alur want?”


Several persons voiced their disapproval with the video on Facebook, with one person hoping that the incident is staged.

He said, “Looks staged and I hope it is… the male closest to the window is laughing.”

Another poster shared her experience driving through a rally in the past:

“I passed a motorcade once in my life and the kinds of insults I heard was enough to keep me off the streets during election silly season.”

“I sware that some people make you so angry that you really feel like knocking them down. I was simply attempting to get home and passing through couva. Election takes our citizens to the darkest recesses of their minds. Thankfully it will all end in a few days then sanity will be restored.”

One person asked for Anderson’s, the attacker, side of the story:

“Anderson needs to give his side of the story. I’m very sure he was provoked. How come they were being attacked and instead of calling for help they started video recording? This clearly looks like they wanted Anderson to retaliate so they could do that video.”

But another person said, “It doesn’t matter what happened before this video I’m not saying the other party was right but in public and in a campaign or rally I’m sure he could of let security handled it, all parties should learn to behave and act mature.”

One poster chose to dwell on the negative with the comment, “I really understand why it’s so easy for some people to lose their life.”

Persons have called for an investigation into the incident.

United National Congress (UNC) candidate for Oropouche West, Dave Tancoo confirmed that the video was submitted to Police Commissioner Gary Griffith.