Internet providers to be summoned before Joint Select Committee

Internet providers to be summoned before Joint Select Committee

Internet service providers and the Telecom Authority- will soon be summoned before the Parliamentary Joint Select Committee (Social Services and Public Administration), to discus the internet challenges that continue to plague the online learning system.

This from the Head of that JSC, Senator Paul Richards.

During their meeting on Wednesday, JSC’s Avinash Singh revealed that there were connectivity issues in some rural areas and “dead zones” where phone or data services are unavailable.

ASJA’s general secretary Rahimool Hosein said internet access was a grave problem and JSC member Rudy Indarsingh queried the status of government’s 2021 Budget promise for the supplt of Mi-fi devices and hostspots.
Indarsingh said the Education Ministry should have information from telecom providers on having special packages for students.

However, Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha assistant secretary Jeewan Ramdhanie said denominational boards had proposed a low internet cost for all boards, to be rolled out soon.

The Anglican and Catholic boards were also collaborating on low-cost internet and devices. But Anglican Education board representative Avion Alexander-Titus said about 30 per cent of Anglican school students were still in need of devices, while Baptist Board of management general secretary Michael Hills- Wilson said about 75 per cent of students have devices. He added about 75 per cent of packages for students who lack devices aren’t returned on time and when social workers come to visit to find out what happened, parents aren’t home and students are found unsupervised.

He said Baptist schools are using the three-month temporary connectivity programme and exploring other possibilities.