Inshan Ishmael sticks to his word and files lawsuit against Cro Cro

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Inshan Ishmael sticks to his word and files lawsuit against Cro Cro

Four-time Calypso Monarch Weston “Cro Cro” Rawlins is being sued for defamation by businessman Inshan Ishmael, over his 2023 Calypso Monarch selection titled ‘Another Sat Maraj is Outside Again.’

Ishmael followed through on his threat and had his lawyer Richard Jaggasar file the lawsuit against Rawlins and the Copyright Organisation of T&T (COTT) on Friday afternoon.

Jaggasar claimed that on February 5, Rawlins, with COTT’s permission performed the calypso which allegedly named his clients.

He said: “The lyrics of the song directly name, identify, and attack the claimant; and encourages others to attack the claimant verbally and physically and to financially abstain from his businesses.”

“As a result of the lyrics of the song the claimant is now viewed as a criminal, a racist, and a thief,” he added.

He claimed a video of Rawlins performing the song was posted on YouTube and shared on social media with tags identifying his client.

Jaggasar said although a pre-action protocol letter was served on Rawlins and was reported in the daily newspapers, Rawlins failed to respond leading to the lawsuit.

“At the trial, this shall be contended as an aggravated factor as it is in complete defiance of normal practice, practice directions, and makes a mockery of the judicial system,” Jaggasar said.

Rawlins denied that Ishmael was the subject of the song.
However Jagessar referenced an interview that Rawlins did on Street 91.9 FM on February 14, in which Rawlins allegedly admitted to “camouflaging” his client’s name in the song targeting him.