Individuals travelling from 5 countries will now be restricted from entering T&T

Individuals travelling from 5 countries will now be restricted from entering T&T

The Government announced today that individuals travelling from Italy, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, and Iran will now be restricted from entering Trinidad and Tobago because of the outbreak of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus). This as Cabinet expands its 14-day travel restrictions which previously applied to persons travelling to this country from China.

In reaction to the latest travel ban, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of Tourism Trinidad Limited, Mrs. Heidi Alert, noted that We must not view the coronavirus as only a China, or Asia, or Far East health crisis; but we of ourselves must also be fully prepared.

It should be noted that between 2017-2019, Trinidad welcomed annually just over 4,000 nationals who have just been added to the restricted list today (Italians, Iranians, Japanese, South Korean and Singaporeans).Between 2018 and 2019, about 274 nationals from the mentioned territories entered Trinidad on a monthly basis. Altogether, nationals visiting Trinidad from these five (5) countries combined, only represent about 1% of the total ‘Tourist Arrivals’ to the island.

Heidi Alert of Tourism Trinidad went on to add that “in the past two (2) years Japanese and Italians represented the largest proportion of visitors to Trinidad of the abovementioned countries (about 0.4%); whilstSingaporeans, South Korean nationals and Iranians arrivals are fewer than 0.1%.

The travel ban announced today (February 27) states that no one travelling from South Korea, Italy, Japan, Iran and Singapore will be allowed in Trinidad and Tobago within 14 days of their departure. 

All official government-assisted trips which include these countries will also be put on hold.