Indian couple floats to wedding in GIANT cooking pot

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Indian couple floats to wedding in GIANT cooking pot

When floods hit southern India last week, it looked as though a young couple would be unable to make their wedding.

However, insistent that the wedding must go on, they gave new meaning to term “potluck wedding” when they arrived at their ceremony floating in a giant cooking pot.

The couple were so eager to tie the knot amid the floods that they sailed down flooded streets to their wedding venue inside a giant cooking pot that they had borrowed from a local temple.

The couple, undeterred by the rising flood waters in the southern Indian state of Kerala, waved and smiled in their ceremonial clothes as two men steered their improvised boat.

Rains across Kerala have triggered flash floods and landslides in several areas with at least 27 people dead since Friday while forecasters warn of more heavy rains in the coming days.

Their video has since gone viral with many praising the lovebirds while others say they showed little consideration for those who were invited to attend.