India Arie blasts Jack Harlow for not knowing Brandy and Ray J are siblings

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India Arie blasts Jack Harlow for not knowing Brandy and Ray J are siblings

The Jack Harlow hate train refilled its gas tank this week when the Louisville native went viral during his Hot 97 interview for not being able to identify Brandy’s “Angels In Disguise” and being unaware that she and Ray J are siblings.

One artist especially angry about the whole ordeal is R&B singer India Arie, who voiced her frustrations with Jack Harlow through a series of Instagram Stories on Thursday (May 12).

“Just because you make Black music doesn’t mean you know Black culture. If U don’t know Brandy’s voice when you hear it … WHO EVEN ARE YOU?” the Grammy Award-winner asked in disgust.

“WHEN AN ACTUAL MUSICIAN! WHO MAKES BLACK MUSIC Deduces one of the industries MOST IMPORTANT VOICES @Brandy to [Ray J’s] SISTER? who is famous (mostly) for his Proximity to Kim Kardashian.”

To provide context to the situation, the Hot 97 morning show played Brandy’s “Angels In Disguise” and Missionary Jack couldn’t decipher who the song was by. He guessed Aaliyah and then co-host Peter Rosenberg tried to give him a clue by hinting at her famous brother.

“Her brother is the reason why a lot of people are famous you could argue,” Rosenberg said, but still didn’t help Harlow.

“Who’s Ray J’s sister?” Jack asked in shock. “Brandy and Ray J are siblings? Nobody’s ever told me that in my life.”

“Angels In Disguise” landed on Brandy’s 1998 Never Say Never album, which is the same year Jack Harlow was born.