Independent Senator calls for Transportation Sector Diversification

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Independent Senator calls for Transportation Sector Diversification

Independent Senator, Paul Richards, has described this country’s public transportation system as “abysmal”.

And, he noted that if this country had a dependable, reliable public transportation system, there would be no need for people to buy vehicles.

In his presentation on the budget in the Senate on Tuesday, Richards said: “The announcement of measures to curtail the importation of new and used motorcars because of the drain on forex, while this may seem to make sense, the reason for the significant demand for private vehicle ownership, is because of the abysmal failure of the public transportation system in another failed State entity…PTSC…”

Richards pointed out that in other parts of the world, where there is an efficient public transportation system, “people in many cases never even think of owning a car, no matter how rich they are, because of the efficiency and utility of their public transportation systems.”

He then questioned why there has not been a move to fix PTSC, to ensure a reliable, widespread, diverse and efficient public transportation system.

Richards said he has a dream for PTSC, which envisions the corporation offering many other services.

His suggestions included the PTSC becoming more efficient and punctual, offering higher luxury transportation services (including limousines), vehicle rentals, taxis for smaller numbers (eg Uber), and or delivery services just like Uber, working in tandem with TTPOST and other State agencies, Terminal retail and Transport Hub real estate, Restaurant and Food retail services, Space rental services.

Richards referred to this as “Transportation sector diversification,” adding that a reimagined PTSC could also be used by the State to transport prisoners to and from the Courts.

But, he chided that one would have to be visionary and efficient to even provide the first level of service as outlined.