Independence Day parade and fireworks back this year

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Independence Day parade and fireworks back this year

The Independence Day Parade is back and it brings with it the Independence day fireworks.

This is according to the Housing and Urban Development Minister Camille Robinson Regis who says there was no discussion within the Government for the return of the mandatory use of face-masks for the 60th Anniversary of this country’s Independence.

She says however celebrations have been scaled down and they are easier to manage as the Covid pandemic is still with us.

The Parade had no been held for the past two years as a result f the Covid pandemic.

She said the Committee in charde of planning the 60th Anniversary celebrations had examined the issue of noise levels escpecially with regard to noise leels.

Minister Robinson Regis held a press conference to announce plans for a series of  plans to celebrate this country’s 60th anniversary of Independence on August 31.

The Minister acknowledge that the pandemic remained a concern.

She said he responsibility of wearing face masks rests with the individual.

However she called on citizens to be responsible in considering their safety.