Indarsingh says PNM gov’t is anti-worker and anti-trade union

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Indarsingh says PNM gov’t is anti-worker and anti-trade union

The industrial relations environment in Trinidad and Tobago has sunk to an all time low.

So said Couva South MP Rudranath Indarsingh, during a UNC press conference on Sunday.

Indarsingh, who is the shadow minister of labour, said the PNM government is the most anti-worker and anti-trade union one since TT became Independent.

He added, “It is unparalleled, it is unprecedented with job losses over 100,000 plus persons and it has been one of union busting…”

Indarsingh said the Conciliation Division at the Ministry of Labour seem to be in a state of collapse with judgments of the industrial court not being honoured.

He added that the Opposition is concerned about the rising cost of living and how the proposed taxes and other measures government will be imposing will affect this.

Indarsingh also suggested the government was following measures similar to those usually proposed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“While we have not gone formally to the IMF, the signals emanating from the government send a clear message that we have embraced prescription that are similar to IMF conditionalities, because there seems to be a wage freeze that has been imposed on the public sector.

Indarsingh said government should also address the issue of shipping rates and how they will impact the cost of food, goods, and services, as well as the business community.

“We have heard that the shipping industry will only accept US dollars from TT’s business community. This underlines the decreasing international value of our dollar and highlights the increasing demand for foreign exchange in a country where reserves are dwindling,” he said.