Indarsingh: Rowley is the most uncaring, most ineffective PM that TT has ever had

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Indarsingh: Rowley is the most uncaring, most ineffective PM that TT has ever had

“Keith Rowley is the laziest, most uncaring, most ineffective Prime Minister this country has ever had.”

This according to Opposition MP, Rudranath Indarsingh, who slammed the PM, National Security Minister and Police Commissioner for the crime surge in the country.

In a statement, Indarsingh said that during Friday’s debate in Parliament on the mid-year review, Prime Minister Keith Rowley attempted to paint a picture of an Opposition that unjustifiably and unnecessarily painted “doom and gloom” where the affairs of the country are concerned.

“Dr Rowley attempted to convince this country that his government should be considered as heroes for its role in maneuvering through challenging times.”

“While the Prime Minister was patting himself on the back and seeking to diminish the concerns held by us on the opposite side regarding the now apocalyptic state of affairs in the country, news emerged of the murder of thirty-seven (37) year old businessman Alan Babwah of Exchange Phase 2 Housing Development who was a constituent of mine in Couva South.”

Indarsingh added that while the Prime Minister was braying in defence of his functional impotence and indifference to the welfare of ordinary citizens, reports emerged indicating that Mr Babwah was at home with his family when a group of masked bandits broke into his home, beat him in view of his wife and children, robbed him and killed him.

Reports also indicate that while police were at the scene of this crime, they received a call about another home invasion taking place at another home in Derry Lane, Mc Bean, at the same time.

Indarsingh said these examples are but two of the many examples of how Rowley, Minister of National Security Fitzgerald Hinds and Commissioner of Police Erla Harewood-Christopher have caused violence, criminality and fear to descend upon Couva and the nation during their tenure.

He noted: “In the past three months alone we have seen a rise in arson attacks against homes in Exchange, with two members of the Foster family in Exchange Housing Development dying as a result of injuries sustained during such attacks. We have seen robberies against businessmen such as the proprietor of Novo Technologies and the murder of innocent citizens, including businessman and proprietor of Crystal Waters, Mr John Henry, who was from Calcutta, Mc Bean.”

“In the midst of the anguish, horror, fear and crime taking place on the ground, the Prime Minister appears with his nose stuck up into the sky in an attempt to convince his own supporters that he and this government have the nation under control.”

“The truth is that Keith Rowley is the laziest, most uncaring, most ineffective Prime Minister this country has ever had,” Idarsingh claimed.

“Fitzgerald Hinds seems to be more interested in the protection of criminals rather than protecting citizens. His track record is that of allowing crime to flourish and more citizens to be murdered, robbed and violated.”

“Erla Harewood-Christopher seems to be taking everything to the Lord in prayer rather than recognizing that she has been tasked with the responsibility of protecting the innocent.
While the slothful PM Rowley, the pro-gangster Minister Hinds and the window dressing Commissioner of Prayer Erla Harewood-Christopher raise glasses in toast to each other, the citizens of this country are in fact facing doom, gloom and violence every single day of their lives.”

Indarsingh also stated that Dr Rowley’s attempt to shut up the Opposition must therefore be seen as what it was, a feeble, unintelligent attempt to distract from his own functional limpness and his pseudo-defence of those involved in crime by gaslighting those affected by it.

“The biggest criminals who have ever existed in this country are those who currently serve in Cabinet, having stolen the hope, dreams, and security of our people and replaced such with murder, robbery, criminal culture of their financiers and friends.”

He said it is for the safety of our citizens and the stance against this scourge of crime inflicted upon this nation by Rowley, Hinds and Erla, that the United National Congress stands firm in its resolve to implement the “Stand Your Ground” legislation, which would legally protect persons acting in self-defence against intruders.

According to Indarsingh, the UNC is also resolved to strengthen border patrols, land patrols and use existing and new legislation to go after those being protected by the PNM.