Indarsingh demands answers on the state of affairs at OSHA

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Indarsingh demands answers on the state of affairs at OSHA

There are disturbing reports that the Chief Inspector at the Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA) has resigned amidst the ongoing investigations into the Paria pipeline incident of February 25 2022.

That’s according to a release from Couva South MP, Rudy Indarsingh.

In a statement, Indarsingh said, “Reports are that the Chief Inspector Mr. Shervon Ali resigned because the preliminary report into the investigations was allegedly tampered with by OSHA Chairman Dr. Victor Coombes and Executive Director Mrs. Carolyn Sancho.”

“Reports further indicate that former Chief Inspector Mr. Shervon Ali allegedly refused to sign the altered report, and this led to his resignation from his post, either voluntarily or as a result of coercion from the Minister of Labour Stephen Mc Clashie, the Chairman and the Executive Director of OSHA.
These are serious reports and must be responded to with haste by Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley, Labour Minister Stephen Mc Clashie and the Chairman of OSHA.”

Indarisngh said this strikes to the heart of the credibility of the ongoing investigations into this deeply sorrowful and immensely scandalous incident, which threatens to highlight the complicity of officials at Paria Fuel Trading Company Limited, headed by Mr Newman George, Chairman of Paria Ltd and the Prime Minister’s close golfing partner.

“Families, loved ones and the country are demanding justice and accountability, and there can be no room for real or perceived interference in any of the investigations into this matter, especially any investigation conducted by OSHA.
Is it true that former Chief Inspector Mr. Shervon Ali resigned because of the alleged preliminary report was tampered with? Is it true that the preliminary report carried damning allegations against management and staff at Paria Fuel Trading Company Limited? Did the Minister of Labour give any instruction that the contents of the report be tampered with or altered in any way? Is it true that as a result of the sudden and pressured resignation of former Chief Inspector Mr. Shervon Ali there is now an acting Chief Inspector in the person of Mr. Franz Brisbaine?”

He said “The country must continuously and carefully look on at these developments so as to ensure that there is no compromising of the integrity of the OSHA investigation, and that justice can be served.”