Imbert “tried” says economist Dr Roger Hosein

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Imbert “tried” says economist Dr Roger Hosein

The Minister of Finance tried.

This is the assessment of economist Roger Hosein following Monday’s budget presentation.

Using a cricket analogy he said that Minister Imbert faced some bouncers and was batting on a hostile crease but performed as best as he could.

He told Power 102 Digital’s Power Breakfast Show that there is still time in the game however for Minister Imbert to recover depending on decisions made going forward.

Dr Hosein also noted the attempt to increase capital expenditure which he said will increase jobs and aid the economy.

This as he pointed out that the country has seen a 20 percent decrease in economic activity compared to 2014.

He also defended claims that the Government was not doing enough for agriculture.

He said the decision to de-agriculturalise the country was made since the late nineties when the economic focus shifted to natural gas production.

Dr Hosein added that targeting and encouraging youths to get involved in agriculture is a positive step in the right direction.