Imbert says UNC requested recounts in 6 seats

Imbert says UNC requested recounts in 6 seats

Diego Martin North/East MP elect, Colm Imbert has revealed that the United National Congress (UNC) has made a request for not three..but SIX marginal seats.

Writing on his social media page, Imbert said “The opposition has requested recounts in the 6 marginal seats they lost. Our margin of victory in these seats varies from 800 to 3000. Historically, a recount changes the vote count by about 5 votes. It is thus statistically impossible for the results in these seats to change.”

Though the UNC has yet to officially state which seats they are seeking recounts for, reports today suggest that the seats they are looking at are: St Joseph, La Horquetta/Talparo and San Fernando West.

The Opposition is expected to address the matter later today.


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    Andrew Bharath 1 month

    Imbert is afraid the UNC will be correct and that the UNC actually won those seats. Pnm declared victory while votes were still being counted . That is why there is a RECOUNT. Any elections in any country with a close margin proceed with a recount. And this situation is no different.

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