Imam Yasin Abu Bakr suggests CoP should resign

Imam Yasin Abu Bakr suggests CoP should resign

Leader of the Jamaat al Muslimeen, Imam Yasin Abu Bakr said his concern about today’s protest action is the constant public outcry about the country’s crime rate.

Speaking with members of the media on the arrest of his son Fuad Abu Bakr, this afternoon during protest action in Port-of-Spain, the Imam said while the country waited with baited breathe to have a Commissioner of Police who would put a handle on the crime rate, he said things have gone in the opposition direction.

He said under former Police Commissioner Stephen Williams, there was no progress, but says he is concerns with the current spike in police killings.

The Imam said in his view the current statistics has shown that under the guidance of Gary Griffith the country’s has seen a high murder rate.