ILP Political Leader resigns following Jack Warner’s exit

ILP Political Leader resigns following Jack Warner’s exit

The Political Leader of the Independent Liberal Party (ILP), Rekha Ramjit has resigned.

In a press release, Ramjit said that the resignation is with immediate effect.

She said, “I have been proud to serve in this capacity since 2015 and amid the challenges we faced in a nation with a dominant two-party system, I am convinced that we have made our mark and have etched our party’s name in the annals of our national history.”

“Regardless how one chooses to measure success, one cannot deny the rich history that belongs to our party. The first in post-colonial history to challenge a Government in its home base and win a bye-election and the first third party to vie for power on its own and win seats in three Regional Corporations. No other party has captured the imagination of the people in recent times like the ILP has and this I will always remember.”

On Tuesday, after his defeat at the polls for the Lopinot/Bon Air West constituency, Jack Warner also announced his retirement from politics.

Speaking with reporters at his party’s headquarters on Monday evening, Warner said the people had spoken and wished the constituents of Lopinot Bon Air West all the best.

He said the executive would soon meet to chart a course forward.

In describing Warner, Ramjt said that he was a great leader, adding that she would miss their conversations, “and the dreams we shared about making this country a place of which we can all be proud.”

She said, “I believe that in the fulness of time the ILP will mature and become a force to reckon with across the nation. I will always be a member of this great party and may God continue to imbue the new leader of the party with wisdom to be a part of the movement to change this nation for the good of all.”

Ramjit revealed that she will remain a member of the party.