Illicit alcohol trade to be addressed by local businesses

Illicit alcohol trade to be addressed by local businesses

Director of Premium Beverages at A.S. Bryden & Sons, Nicholas Hospedales, says now is the time to generate meaningful conversations with agencies such as the VAT Office, Board of Inland Revenue, Police Service, Customs and Excise Division, Chemistry Food & Drug Division to address the illicit alcohol trade in the country.

In a media release sent by the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association Mr Hospedales suggested four approaches to treat with the situation.

They are reassess the duty structure, review the internal processes of the Customs and Excise Division to ensure the containers are correctly screened and the associated consignees are red flagged.

Revisit the laws to ensure the penalty matches the crime and ensure enforcement of the existing laws and officers are trained to distinguish contraband from genuine goods. 

Mr. Hospedales said this surmountable task could be done possibly through the establishment of a Revenue Authority.

Board Director of Crime Stoppers Trinidad and Tobago, Darrin Carmichael, agreed with the statement that increased cohesiveness is needed amongst state agencies.